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About Amit Ranjan

I am a startup entrepreneur… and an accidental one at that!

I co-founded SlideShare in 2006. SlideShare’s mission is to empower the world’s professionals through knowledge. With 100MN monthly visitors, it ranks amongst the world’s top 125 sites and is one of the internet’s most used e-learning platforms. SlideShare helps professional & educational content be shared with the world, so you can discover people through content and content through people. Its vibrant community consists of professionals, teachers, students, businesses, startups, non-profits, governments etc. SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 and is now an integral part of its content strategy.

I live in New Delhi, where I head SlideShare’s New Delhi office. The last decade of my professional life has been consumed in building SlideShare – the first six years as an independent startup and the next three as part of LinkedIn (which is a global public company). And I’ve had to put on different functional hats through this journey – product, engineering, marketing, content, HR, M&A, finance, operations… though my DNA is product management.

Beyond my day job:

I’m passionate about all things internet/startups/entrepreneurship. I speak frequently at industry conferences, technology events, startup incubators, educational institutions etc to share my learnings. And I volunteer for mentoring startups at industry bodies like Nasscom, Ispirt, TiE. As someone who is deeply entrenched in the consumer internet space, I find myself often quoted in the print & online media. In general I try to share whatever I’ve learnt. For someone who founded a company with the word “share” in its name, I’m a big believer in the sharing credo – the more you share your learnings, the more it helps others, the ecosystem grows… and (hopefully) some of that karma flows back to you.

I’m also involved in some startups as a seed/angel investor.

Early startup evangelism I was involved in:

I was an early instigator on the Indian technology startup scene. Started in 2006, this blog Webyantra (in its previous avataar of showcasing Indian Web2.0 products) was trendsetting and was one of the most read Indian technology blogs back then. Though the demands of my day job made me abandon Webyantra’s raison d’etre, and now it has metamorphosed into my personal blog. For more on that story, go here.

I was actively involved in organizing technology & innovation focused events in India. I played a lead role in kick-starting the cult of technology ‘unconferences’ called BarCamps by organising India & Asia’s first such event in New Delhi in March’06. BarCamps went on to become very popular, with dozens of such events getting organized across various Indian cities. They were regarded as a rallying force in stimulating grassroots level tech entrepreneurship in India.

My previous career:

Before starting SlideShare, I had a career in consumer goods marketing & sales, having worked for Pepsico, Asian Paints & Godrej. I did my MBA from FMS, Delhi University (’99 batch) & a Mechanical Engineering degree from NIT Jaipur (’95 batch).