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Webyantra is my personal blog and I write it to share my experiences as a startup entrepreneur.

Origin of the name Webyantra – The name Webyantra is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yantra’, which means ‘a device (or a product)’. So Webyantra refers to products and services, that use the web to deliver solutions to user needs.

Webyantra’s history – Webyantra is now my personal blog, but it had a different past. I launched Webyantra in early 2006 to showcase Indian internet & Web2.0 products. Regarded as the Ground Zero for Indian Web2.0, it was a trendsetting blog that profiled innovative Indian web companies and highlighted the ones that were making a difference. It became one of the most widely read tech/internet blogs on Indian Web2.0. While I sometimes covered Indian tech news, the core idea behind Webyantra was not news, but to shine a torch on what India lacks the most – innovative products being built grounds up from first principles, rather than cost/concept/geography arbitrage led copies of western models.

Webyantra was growing in readership and influence, but I had to abandon it in 2007. While I wrote the blog as a side project, my day job as a startup entrepreneur saw the launch of SlideShare in Oct’06. SlideShare’s fast growth sucked me in and for a while, I tried doing both – run SlideShare during the day and write Webyantra at night. But doing justice to both was challenging, and soon it was clear I had to choose between the two. SlideShare it was, and unfortunately I had to deep-freeze Webyantra. It was a hard choice for me to make.

Cut out to 2015 – I’m writing Webyantra once again… but in the avataar of a personal blog. This is after a gap of 7 years! Something else that has changed meanwhile is Webyantra’s URL – earlier it was on www.webyantra.net, but now its shifted to www.webyantra.com (the .net redirects to .com).

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This post announced the launch of Webyantra (on my then personal blog).
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